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ITO React

ITO React

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Miyacozome REACT

Reactive dye for plant fibers. Dye for creative dyeing techniques like dip dye, shibori, brush dye, batik dye (wax resist). Dyes with lukewarm to hot tap water between 40-60°C. Also suitable for painting on textiles and pattern coloring, the dye can therefore be thickend with Bleeding Inhibitor (sold separately). Excellent color fastness and beautiful color development. 22 color and 3 sets with 4 colors each.

Content per color: 10 g dyeing powder and 40 g fixing agent powder for approx. 100 g textiles or 50 sqcm, depending on the technique used

Content per set: 4 x 5 g dyeing powder and 80 g fixing agent powder for approx. 200 g textiles, depending on the technique used

LIGHT set includes 4 colors: 05 Yellow, 11 Sky Blue, 99 Cherry Pink & 04 Orange

MILD set includes 4 colors: 63 Carnation, 14 Navy Blue, 17 Gray & 65 Beige

VIVID set includes 4 colors: 62 Rouge, 73 Purple, 72 Brillant Blue & 09 Green


Please note that the samples on the color card have been dyed on white fabric. On colored textiles the original colors will mix with the dyed color. Dyed colors may also differ depending in the type of textile, the dyeing temperature and time.


For download:

Illustrated instructions in English
Color Card - please note that colors on the screen may be different from actual colors
Translations: DE, ES, IT
Coming soon - translations: FR & DK

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