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HiyaHiya Shawl Pin Bundle

HiyaHiya Shawl Pin Bundle

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Our beautiful shawl pins are the perfect accessory that will keep your shawl secure on your shoulders. Whether you indulge in lace knitting or whether you have a shawl you've recently completed, HiyaHiya shawl pins are the perfect accessory for you.


They are available in eleven variations. These are:

Tree Branch - Antique (3 1/2", 88mm)

Tree Branch - Brass (3 1/2", 88mm)

Bird - Antique (3 1/2", 88mm)

Bird - Light (3 1/2", 88mm)

Bird - Brass (3 1/2", 88mm)

Fern (2 3/8", 60mm)

Feather - Antique (3 1/2", 90mm)

Feather - Brass (3 1/2", 90mm)

Gingko Leaf - Antique (3 1/4", 81mm)

Gingko Leaf - Brass (3 1/4", 81mm)

Gingko Leaf - Copper (3 1/4", 81mm)

Measurements are approximations and represent the length of the shawl pin.

Our assorted shawl pin bundle comes with eleven pins for the price of 10. You will receive one of each variation.

Our standard bundles come with seven pins for the price of 6. Simply add one quantity per bundle required.


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