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Rosarios4 Cordao Liso + Rebecca

Rosarios4 Cordao Liso + Rebecca

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Rosarios4 Cordao Liso + Rebecca, a strikingly vibrant acrylic yarn that embodies both durability and style. Crafted for resilience and vibrant color expression, Cordao Liso + Rebecca promises an enriching experience that blends creativity and practicality.

This yarn is your canvas for imagination, perfectly structured to cater to a vast range of projects. The reliability of acrylic ensures your creations maintain their shape and color, giving life to your crafting ventures for years to come.

Unleash your artistic flair with Cordao Liso + Rebecca, boasting a stunning spectrum of 40 captivating shades. From bright, bold hues to subtle, nuanced tones, Cordao Liso caters to every color preference, offering you limitless opportunities to bring your creative vision to life.

Experience the joy of crafting with Cordao Liso + Rebecca by Rosários4, where each stitch tells a story of vibrancy, longevity, and undying charm.

Composition: 100% ACRYLIC

Yardage (Meter / Yards):
Cordao Liso: 100 g = 220 m (3.50 oz = 240 yd)
Rebecca: 100 g = 420 m (3.50 oz = 460 yd)

Recommended needle size:
Cordao Liso: 5 (USA 8)
Rebecca: 3.5 – 4 (USA 5 – 6)
Estimated quantity for one sweater/lady/M: 6 balls.

Washing and care: see image.

Note: Product price shown & sold per 1 ball.

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