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Rosarios4 Bio Love

Rosarios4 Bio Love

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Rosarios4 Bio Love, a delicate cotton yarn in a delightful palette of pastel colors. This exquisite yarn is crafted from 100% organic cotton sourced from India, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Bio Love is available in seven series, each consisting of two, three, or four shades of the same color, making it perfect for creating stunning gradients. The colors within each series are carefully curated to blend seamlessly, allowing for effortless transitions between shades. However, the versatility of Bio Love extends beyond gradients, as all the colors harmonize beautifully and can be combined in various captivating ways.

Indulge in the endless creative possibilities that Bio Love offers, whether you choose to create mesmerizing gradients or explore unique color combinations. With this fine cotton yarn, your projects will radiate elegance and style, while also embracing the principles of sustainability and organic craftsmanship.

Composition: 100% ORGANIC COTTON
Yardage (Meter / Yards): 50 g = 175 m (1.75 oz = 191 yd)
Recommended needle size: 3 – 3.5 (USA: 3 – 4)
Washing and care: see image.

This organic cotton is GOTS certified - Global Organic Textile Standard.

Note: Product price shown & sold per 1 ball.

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