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ITO IC Needles

ITO IC Needles

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The ITO interchangeable needle system offers needle tips in 5 cm / 2" and 12,5 cm / 5" length and cables from 13 cm / 5" to 95 cm / 37". Complementing accessories include cable joints, stoppers and converters. For the storage of the needle tips and cables, there are two farbic cases, one for the shorter and one for the longer tips. Both cases have compartments for cables.

The smallest circumference that can be created with the needle system is 23 cm / 9" (with 2 needle tips of 5 cm / 2" and a cable of 13 cm / 5" length), for example, to knit socks, arm warmers or sleeves in rounds. Due to the cable connectors also very long circular needles for oversized shawls or pullovers knitted in the round can be formed. For greater knitting comfort with smaller circumferences, the needle tips can also be assembled asymmetrically, a shorter tip from which is knitted and a longer tip for knitting (eg. 5 cm / 2" tip and 12.5 cm / 5" tip plus a cable of 20 cm / 8" results in a circumference of 37.5 cm / 15").

Needle tips are available in Japanese sizes: 号1 (2.4 mm), 号2 (2.7 mm), 号3 (3.0 mm), 号4 (3.3 mm), 号5 (3.6 mm), 号6 (3.9 mm), 号7 (4.2 mm), 号8 (4.5 mm), 号9 (4.8 mm) and 号10 (5.1 mm) - approx. US 1 through 8.

Cables are available in length of 13 cm/ 5", 20 cm / 8", 30 cm / 12", 40 cm / 16", 55 cm / 22", 75 cm / 30" and 95 cm / 37".

From 2.4 mm to 3.3 the connecting joint is 1.8 mm thick, from 3.6 mm to 5.1 mm the joints are 2.0 mm thick. Cables, stoppers and connectors are therefore offered in both thicknesses of 1.8 and 2.0 mm. Alternatively, there is a converter from 2.0 to 1.8 mm so that the bigger sized tips can be connected to the thinner cables.

The ITO interchangeable needles are made of dark "Koshitsu" bamboo. For the needles, only the best Japanese bamboo is selected and carefully processed to obtain a warm touch and smooth surface. The bamboo for the dark needles is stored for up to 10 years and additionally steamed. This makes the bamboo very hard and prevents warping which may occur when knitting with light bamboo needles due to the warmth of the hands, especially with smaller needle sizes. The needles are accurately manufactured on modern machines, hand polished and treated with wax for a refined surface. The ITO premium needles are manufactured sustainably in a traditional workshop in the prefecture of Nara.

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